At CROSSCULTURAL, we value and take pride in our international network of translators and professionals specialized in different fields, carefully selected to ensure the highest quality of all our services.


“To work towards an interconnected world of communication with cultural intelligence.”

We are driven by a deep desire for companies and individuals to have mechanisms for bringing their cultures closer and overcoming language barriers.

Meet the team

It is not always enough to find a translator who speaks a specific language, sometimes one needs to find an expert with knowledge in a specific field. That’s why we strive to select professionals from different fields who are trained to work with a Crosscultural approach, and who also support us in the revision and proofreading of translated texts.

Elena Mansur O’Dowd

Founder | General Manager

Elena is a pioneer in Intercultural Communication in Chile.

In 2011, upon returning from Sydney, Australia, where she earned a Master’s in Crosscultural Communication from the University of Sydney, she founded her startup, CROSSCULTURAL®, the first company in Chile that was born to answer the need for more efficient communications between people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 

With over 18 years of translation experience, she is also the only ATA (American Translators Association) certified translator in Chile who is a native English speaker.

She has dedicated most of her professional life to translating but has also been involved in professional proofreading, intercultural communication consultations, and tailor-made cultural adaptation workshops.

  Her other areas of expertise are migration, sociolinguistics, dialectology, cross-cultural business relations and management, and multicultural teams.

Native bilingual in American English and Spanish, she is also fluent in Portuguese and Greek.  She adores dialects, slang, and etymology. One of her favorite hobbies is the collection of all types of words and idiomatic phrases from different countries. Proudly, she is a fully-fledged language nerd.



Irish-Italian from the Bronx, NY

Native English speaker. Translates Spanish to English. 30+ years of experience. BA in Liberal Arts and Master’s in Education. UC Davis. Collaborates with Crosscultural since the beginning.

“As part of the Crosscultural team, I am encouraged to go beyond just translating a word or phrase. My objective has been to deliver a perspective through language, enlightening and engaging others in cultural understanding not usually conveyed in traditional translations. Becoming aware and sensitive to the diversity that exists in our increasingly interconnected societies, and the importance of transmitting that in the translated text, is a unique feature of Crosscultural.”



Brazilian from São Paolo.
Portuguese < >Spanish translator. Specialist in tourism and coaching.
Part of the Crosscultural team since 2018.

“To be able to translate my Brazilian culture into the Spanish language is fascinating! Intercultural communication makes my job as a translator more than merely delivering a phrase. It requires being submerged in a culture to deliver the content from a native’s perspective and also to direct it to my culture adequately! To translate is to connect the world!!!”



German living in Chile
Native German speaker- Translator Spanish/English > German – content author. Multilingual engineer in 4 languages: German, English, Spanish and French. Collaborating with Crosscultural since 2018.

“With vast experience in international environments and living in different countries, I appreciate the importance of a correct translation that can guarantee understanding and comprehension between parties from different cultures. I enjoy collaborating with Crosscultural and being part of an international team that relies on translations from native speakers who are specialists in the language and culture of the target audience.”



US gringo and Chilean
Intercultural business consultant. Specialist in Real Estate, negotiations, and sales.
Collaborating with Crosscultural since 2014.

“I like to apply my knowledge of doing business in the United States and Chile because understanding their similarities and differences allows me to help both sides translate their perspectives and then foster better business relations, negotiations, and more sales. I apply this knowledge to consulting and doing intercultural business training with Crosscultural.”



Syrian Arabic
Native in Arabic. Arabic <> Spanish Translator. Specialist in History and Arab Studies. Speaker of English, Spanish and Arabic. Collaborates with Crosscultural from 2022

“Translation is one of the most important sciences because, throughout history, it has been the channel of communication between nations and civilizations.

Not all people master this science since it requires talent, professionalism, honesty in the transmission, and responsibility in the translator’s use of his freedom to interpret a message.

Despite the effort and time that online machine translators can save you, they often divert words and change meanings and are, therefore, unreliable. The translator achieves his goal when he researches to find the perfect word and the interpretation of the culture that a language or dialect entails. This is the way I contribute to the work of Crosscultural. ”




Languages: Spanish, English, German and French. Graduate in Hispanic Language and Literature, Catholic University of Valparaíso, Chile. Doctor in Educational Sciences, Catholic University of Chile. Doctor in Social Sciences, René Descartes University, Paris, Sorbonne. She has collaborated with Crosscultural since 2018.

“With over 20 years of international experience and a complete command of Spanish, my specialization is creating accurate and creative translations from German, French, and English. My extensive experience in translating texts of various genres includes academic, legal, technical, and literary documents. I love participating in Crosscultural and contributing with the clarity and fidelity of my translations.”



Native English < > Spanish translator, community manager. 

Fluent in English, Spanish and Mapudungun. Chilean, raised by British parents. Experience living in Argentina, USA, UK, India and currently in Chile

Collaborating with Crosscultural since January 2019

Translator, language service Provider and teacher. Native bilingual in English and Spanish, with a broad understanding of the importance of culture in native translations. Certified with honors in language and communication from the University of Cambridge.



Journalist and social communicator. Content creator for various media.

She has collaborated with Crosscultural since 2018.

“I am passionate about using communication as a tool that crosses borders, that connects people with different realities but with common interests. I firmly believe in the power of communications when generating intercultural links and relationships, which is why I enjoy collaborating with Crosscultural since 2018.”

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